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Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for the win! :D.nyahahaha

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Meron pa pala akong tumblr.

Alam mo kung anong pagod? Yung hindi ka natulog ng isang gabi para gumawa ng case study na hindi din natapos.At pag uwi mo ng bahay, kailangan mong pag-aralan ang parte at mga sakit na associated sa heart.

Stress na stress na ako.Hindi magtatagal ako naman ang magkakacongestive heart failure.

Hello. Sorry.I’m venting out.


Sheldon Cooper.

crush. end-to-end crush! :D

From the journal

There was a notepad file entitled “the things i want to say to you but never will.” I opened it. It was empty ~ Circa August 7, 2010



Kung ganito lang, hindi na din ako tao!hahaha


I have 6 exams due in a span of only 3 days. 4 long exams and 2 quizzes. And it’s not even midterms yet. And i lost my first digital thermometer today (and you know what they say about firsts -significant). And I was into hoarding —only, not goods but emotions.And i am constantly complaining. And as usual, I am not making sense. And.No, wait.HAH.


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Useless and disappointing. 

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